florian – 2017-02-26 18:32:05 =>

Small update regarding PureScript: Once you get it to run it's kinda nice. pulp works, normal functions are working. My problem (again) is that I chose something that's mostly at the boundary of state and purity, tough luck. So reading the CLI args has given me a bit of a headache, and reading environment vars and accessing the filesystem as well. Spent a few hours and basically eager to continue, although I don't plan to write any CLI apps in earnest, more browser stuff. But for learning the language.. implementing a few tools in /bin it is, yet again.

florian – 2017-02-21 21:13:48 =>

PureScript Part 2

I've tried liking PureScript, it's interesting. Last time I failed to install it though. I actually think that was the first time I failed at installing a language runtime so hard that I gave up on the language. It was all node's fault, though. I seriously cannot think of any good reason to use node for that.

Anyway, second try. Download release, but binaries in $PATH - try the interactive repl: doesn't work, but at least it shows two different ways to install some missing dependency. Both didn't work. I was set on trying this out, so I went to IRC to ask for some troubleshooting help. Someone told me a third way, which instantly worked. Yay.

I tried to print a rectangle onto a canvas and copied what I think was the correct code, then I tried building it.

* Building project in /home/... * Build successful. * Bundling JavaScript... * ERROR: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename '/tmp/pulp-output117121-10192-1yrtcg7.jaf1g7gb9' -> 'dist/Main.js'

Oh, hi, node (or npm). Googled around for a solution, didn't find any. Copied my folder to /tmp. * Bundled

Sorry PureScript, that was it for today. I don't have time for this kind of shit. I've seen some cool people rave about you, but if the tooling involves this dumpster fire called node and npm, I think I'll stay away. The sad part is that PS attracts exact those people who've always been so smug about PHP. Yeah, it's not pretty - but it works. And people actually care for the user experience.

florian – 2017-02-21 11:16:52 =>

Ich wünschte ich würde das Getue um verstehen. Ich hab das vor ewigen Zeiten mal probiert und der node.js-Client hat mich schon genervt, außerdem war mir das Key-Handling im Browser suspekt.

Gerade nochmal versucht, es zu benutzen, das kam raus:

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Eigenen 5min-ATOM-Feed-Hack entsorgt, Library eingebaut. Und noch nen anderen fix miteingebaut. #nano (Hashtags gehen gar nicht :P)

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Hab mac-dev-playbook und strap gefunden. Frage mich jetzt ob Leute mit Macs die ständig neuinstallieren. (Ja, ich hab auch dotfiles mit installer für neue Linux-Kisten, aber viel mit viel weniger Kram...).

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Hello world!

This is my new microblog, called nano - there should also be an ATOM feed.