Pushing To The Stack

Pushing To The Stack

For a while I've been annoying my colleagues with random links I've found interesting. They might be related to the project we're working on or stuff we've talked about. Maybe they're not that random after all, but the infamous mails titled "Linkdump" might be useful to someone, so I've started The Stack, where I'll hopefully manage to push a list of links every week, starting with last week, Week 44 / 2011.

Many of those links are from Hacker News, and some inspiration is taken from the left fold (sadly not updated anymore) and trivium.

Maybe I'll post the months prior to November 2011 in monthly sets, but probably not.

Oh, and there's a separate feed for it: The Stack.

Update 2016-11-09: I'm always interested in more link dumps for various topics.

So here's a list of related lists. (How meta.)

  • trivium is still going strong
  • fogus has been posting links for a while now
  • R.I.Pienaar recently started, sadly it's a newsletter