2014 in Review

2014 in Review

In the spirit of "Release early, release often" I am pushing this out on New Year's Eve and will amend it later, not happy with the brevity in some paragraphs, but it's mostly correct.

Non-Board Games I've played/bought

  • WildStar - pre-ordered, played a lot
  • WoW - cancelled sub when WildStar came out, resubbed for one month when WoD came out
  • EVE Online - resubbed around November
  • Marvel Heroes - tried it, liked it, spent 10$
  • 10,000,000 - not so bad, unsure about long time fun
  • Game Dev Tycoon - bought and completed in June, loved it
  • Shadowrun Returns - bought in June, not completed
  • Terraria - bought in June, kind of hated it
  • Gunpoint - bought and completed in June, loved it
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - very similar to HoMM. Not bad, but I prefer HoMM 3 and 5
  • Master of Orion 1+2 - not impressed, should've skipped probably
  • Humble Bundle 11, because of FEZ and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - played neither as of December
  • Humble Bundle 9, because of:
    • BrĂ¼tal Legend - haven't played
    • FTL - kind of nice, but didn't keep me entertained for very long
    • surprise gem: Eets Munchies nice puzzler
  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - the changes up to launch and the expansion made me play it for a month or two, was a lot of fun
  • Hammerwatch - best 1.16 EUR I ever spent on a game. Seriously, buy it!

Books I've read

Books I didn't read (but bought anyway)

Movies I've watched

TV series I've (re-)watched

  • Veronica Mars, Season 1-3 - how the hell did I miss out before?
  • Grey's Anatomy, Season 1-4 - First medical drama I actually enjoyed
  • Firefly - rewatched after a few years
  • Twin Peaks - Started, got sidetracked, looking good though. The music is weird, but awesome.
  • Being Human (US version) - Hated it from the first minute, stopped after the first episode
  • Weeds - Looks good a few episodes in
  • Elementary - midway season 1, very nice

Movies I wanted to watch but didn't

Hardware I've bought

Music I've bought

Social network usage

  • Twitter - moderately often, i.e. several times per day - responding to mentions and DMs asap
  • Facebook - skimming once a day
  • #pants - from time to time


  • IRC - used extensively, privately, for work and for stuff in between
  • Jabber - moderately often
  • Email - still not sending many mails, reading quite a few
  • Twitter - hardly, only people I don't have an irc/jabber/mail contact
  • Facebook Messages - a few group chats, still refuse to install the Android app


  • Austria in early January
  • CfgMgmtCamp and FOSDEM in Ghent/Brussels, Belgium
  • Alanya, Turkey in September

Other misc. stuff

  • Got rid of a lot of domains I was paying for for no good reason, also a few failed MMO fansite projects :/
  • First order at shirtwoot! went well, nice shirts

Online services and software

  • Happy with Tarsnap
  • Happy with pizza.de - although I don't pay them, my delivery shop does?
  • Signed up for DriveNow - haven't used it in the first X months
  • (Still) got several VPS at Strato, de-punkt, proplay and DigitalOcean
  • local public transport started to offer tickets via mobile app, nice as a fallback sometime
  • FreeDNS - for a few hostnames for test projects not under my domains

Online services I've signed up for but never used after the first week

  • Rackspace - something with the signup form, US vs EU, etc.
  • Ello - tried to get an invite to secure my nick, nick was gone
  • OneName.io - what does it even do?

Programming languages used, roughly in order of hours

  • Python
  • Lua
  • Java
  • Clojure
  • bash
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Programming languages not used

  • OCaml - Reading Real World OCaml right now, after 10 years of not liking OCaml