Switching to Hugo

Switching to Hugo

This website was put live in its current form in June 2011. There hadn't been many structural changes apart from replacing Blueprint with Foundation.

I wasn't completely happy with Hyde anymore, as I was using the 0.5.3 version that hadn't been updated since early 2011 and not even the newer one where the updates only stopped in 2013.

But apart from rendering speed I really don't want to say anything negative about it, it worked nearly flawlessly, so thanks lakshmivyas for that.

Hugo seemed interesting from the day I stumbled over it, and so when having a closer look at it I decided to try to convert this page to using it and I was pretty surprised how quick it went. This was in October 2014 already but I kind of lost interest and as there was no real need to speed up I only added the finishing touches over the recent holiday break.

I especially hope the two RSS feed doesn't break, but the urls are the same, and the validator doesn't complain either.

So that's it - nothing new besides a few small layout changes and hopefully more posts in the future.