Manic Street Parade 2017

Manic Street Parade 2017

Got encouraged to check out the manic street parade, it's called a "club festival" -whatever that means- but a quick listen to their preview playlist got a "live music - ok" seal of approval. It seems to be the second year but I hadn't heard about it at all until last Thursday.

Matthew Matilda @ Pigalle

Not my type of music, but still not bad. Apparently they got moved to this venue at short notice, and the sound check took ages and then there were some sound problems. Still worth a listen. Just need to figure out what kind of music they actually play. Some of it was rock (70s stoner rock?), some of it was blues-y? I am bad with categories.

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Ropoporose @ Südstadt

Sadly only heard 3 songs before they stopped, but I liked them. Need to listen to a few more songs. My first expression was rock/electronic.

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Poppy Ackroyd @ Kirche St. Anton

After tha last two this was bit unexpected... but enjoyable, even if a little slow and not making you tap your foot.

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Unno @ Pigalle

They were so good I would've been happy to pay for the ticket to just see those 3 guys.

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Lambert @ Kirche St. Anton

Guy on the piano accompanied by a guy with a guitar and a guy on the drums, all wearings masks.

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Leyya @ Strom

Wikipedia calls them a "Trip Hop Duo" and that's probably correct but I wouldn't have said Trip Hop. Doesn't really matter anyway, I liked them. Unlike the other locations it was a bit loud here, as to be expected with a club/concert sound system I guess.

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About the locations

Südstadt looked really nice, would love to see it on a normal night. The light setup in the church was amazing. Strom was a typical club/small concert venue. Didn't like Pigalle at all. And didn't manage to visit Substanz.


Saw six different artists/bands I had never heard of for 30 EUR, now I want to listen to more stuff by some of them. Good idea.

Only semi-related, saw a tour poster for Gogol Bordello at Strom, remembered them and now I want to go...