Website updates

Website updates

For no particular reason I finally started fixing a few things that had annoyed me on this website on the weekend, but postponed putting it all live because I ran out of time.

Back in 2013 when I moved to Foundation as a CSS framework I was lazy and just used their minified version. The problem is that it's 161.17kb unzipped and I guess I was using like 10% or less of the features, but loading the index page of this website was ~180kb and 160 of those was just the CSS framework.

So I just took the minified blob (because there's no way I can reasonably get the exact unminified version I copied, years ago) and then I grepped through my templates and looked which classes I am actually using. Then I went to town and just copied everything that seemed important out. Seems like I can live with 10-12 of those 160 kb. The only bug I'm currently seeing are some line-height shenanigans when the window is narrow.

I guess the endgame would be to look for a CSS framework that only does a grid in the way foundation does it, that was the only feature why I was pulling it in in the first place. On the upside, not many visitors means not a lot of bandwidth wasted. Maybe Pagespeed will now complain less though.

Anyway, it was a good opportunity to fix some CSS things as well, like the display of code snippets and handling of long blog post titles. And all the weird margins and empty spaces, although my patience is limited with those.

Also the Favicon situation seems to be even worse than 10 years ago, so there were a few tweaks.

Then I also took the liberty of updating a few pages:

  • The Stack finally talks about it having ended in 2018, because I don't think I'll revive it anytime soon
  • About got an update after 3 years and a partial rewrite

So what's left is to put up a TODO, with no time frame to actually do them:

  • completely replace foundation with some minimal grid CSS
  • remove all "reset" css functionality and fix my CSS to still look ok
  • maybe add a syntax highlighter for the code snippets
  • see if my static site generator still works and replace hugo
  • change the font, or at least the fallback font

After completely forgetting that this website (and mostly the blog) had its tenth birthday this summer (which isn't a great milestone anyway, because I used its predecessor blog from October 2004 until after this one launched and that wasn't even my first one) maybe it's time to modernize a few things.