Switching to nextgen

Switching to nextgen

Last week I finally bit the bullet and, after changing the font, made the few remaining switches. This website is now generated via nextgen.

There are still a few things to clean up, but overall I'm happy - there was still one missing feature I had to add - copying the static assets from the theme folder to the public folder. Oh, and themes are now called blueprints, because it makes more sense. Unfortunately I'm way past my original 333 lines of code, but it was just a fun coincidence anyway.

The actual 'switch' commit is kinda tiny, but being very compatible with hugo was one of the stated goals. Of course the commits for the templates weren't quite so small.

The Atom RSS feeds should be similar enough (especially the IDs) as to not confuse any RSS consumers, but apologies if you're being spammed with 10 years of posts now.

So there are still a few little things to implement in nextgen but if it can generate this site it's good enough.