My projects

You'll find most of my code on these communities:

Remarkable? I don't know

  • media_mogilefs - A MogileFS Stream Wrapper to store files for Drupal
  • cinder - An eclipse plug-in to display Continuous Integration stuff in your IDE
  • padawan - static code analysis for PHP, now dead and integrated into phpmd

Other stuff

Over the years I've been involved in some projects, here's a quick summary:

  • I used to run, a highly-praised forum-signature generator for Ragnarok Online
  • Helped with translating the German PHP manual
  • Occasionally trying to clear the PHP bug tracker by diagnosing and (sometimes) bugfixing
  • Been active in the Serendipity community for a while
  • Helping out with phpMyFAQ development
  • I'm the poor soul trying to triage the windows bugs in leiningen