The Stack - One Year

The Stack - One Year

Exactly one year ago on November 10th, 2011 I launched The Stack (announcement here).

In theory, that should be 52 posts, but I missed a few:

  • Week 50,51/2011
  • Week 01/2012
  • Week 14/2012 (having much fun in Switzerland)
  • Week 20/2012 (playing too much Diablo III)
  • Week 25/2012
  • Week 30,31,32,33/2012 (trip to Asia)
  • Week 39/2012 (playing too much WoW: Mists of Pandaria)
  • Week 43/2012 (been sick)

So, 12 missing, that leaves 40 posts (and often the first one after a pause was bigger than usual) full of bookmarks, reading recommendations and a little music. In general, I've got a lot of positive feedback, despite the contents being highly focused on my personal interests. There hasn't been a huge ton of feedback though, but I think I'll continue doing this for now - at least until I run out of time (It usually takes 30-40 minutes of preparation every Sunday evening/Monday morning and then ~5 minutes to deploy).

As I'm writing this I haven't yet tried to sort all links by tags, but my guess is that it will look like this (sorted by occurrence)

  • programming languages
  • ops/devops/servers
  • programming/software engineering
  • vim
  • games
  • graphics/design/fonts
  • algorithms

What I did only very rarely was commenting on single links - sometimes it could be helpful, but in the end I decided it's best to let the original author's title try to catch your attention.

What I've planned to do for a while but haven't gotten around to was doing a special page with all links sorted by category.

So, if anyone's reading this one year review, I'd love to get some feedback (don't worry, I won't ask again until next year) via mail, twitter, irc or wherever you can get hold of me :)

  1. What did you like best? (Weekly format, Contents, Focus on X, Whatever)
  2. Any ideas how to improve?
  3. Any channels where you'd love to be informed about new posts? (Right now it's Twitter, Facebook,, Google+ and I think - If I can automate it, be my guest)
  4. Would you like to submit links?