The Stack - Two Years

The Stack - Two Years

Exactly two years ago on November 10th, 2011 I launched The Stack (announcement here).

In theory, that should be 51/52 posts, but again I missed a few:

  • Week 49/2012 (weekend trip to Nuremberg)
  • Week 06/2013 (being sick)
  • Week 21/2013
  • Week 30/2013
  • Week 32/2013
  • Week 35/2013
  • Week 37/2013

7 missing (5 less than the year before), that leaves 44 posts - I could actually compete as an Iron Blogger ;) I have to work on writing down the reasons more diligently, though. Supposedly lack of time/planning/feeling like it - if you need one.

OK, so much for copy/pasting last year's post - original content ahead.

What I still haven't accomplished in this year is providing a page of all links, sorted by tag. I did write a script to have some insight into the number of tags and their distribution. I even corrected some of them, when they were close, but not identical (the old tagging problem...)

Here are the Top 10 categories:

  • 48x Clojure
  • 37x Python
  • 28x VIM
  • 24x Security
  • 22x Go
  • 21x Game Development
  • 20x PHP
  • 18x Web Development
  • 15x Fonts
  • 14x Algorithms

The only feedback I've gotten this year falls into three categories:

  • "I like it, please continue."
  • Sharing it on Twitter/Facebook, what I read as "I tentatively like it."
  • "Make it an email newsletter!11"

Thanks for #1 and #2 to the handful of readers :)

Yeah, thinking about #3, if I find a way to accomplish it without a lot of hassle, as I think I'll have less than 5 subscribers (the vocal minority).

If you got anything to add, feel free to contact me wherever you can get hold of me, that shouldn't be too hard.

I do have one wish for this project, I'd love to have more academic papers in it - obviously related to Computer Science, as that's all where I feel capable enough to understand them, maybe apart from very light mathematics - so if you find some, send me links. Of course other non-CS subjects might interest me as well. You can also send any sources where you find the papers you are reading.