TWO new posts on the same day? Something must be wrong.

When I closed up my old blogs and moved to this domain I made the decision to not write whatever came to my mind anymore, but more planned stuff and also bigger posts, not just one-liners. I don't think it was a conscious decision, it was more a shift because I hadn't posted to much any more anyway - so I just tried to avoid the clutter of constant small updates.

Microblogs are useful and I've been using Twitter and posting random stuff to various channels for the last 5.5 years (the first post on this website is dated June 2011) but it's been partly lost (well, most of it was not very important in the first place) but maybe it will work to consolidate a bit of stuff here in the future.

Today I went live with my microblog called nano - it also has an atom feed. Maybe it will strive, maybe it will rot silently, but I had a lot of fun writing something that resembles a full web app after quite some time.

So anything that is not

  • a full blog post (that goes into the blog)
  • not a YouTube video with music (that goes into my soup clone)

might end up there. I implemented some Twitter cross-syncing to archive my tweets that might have some original content (i.e. no RTs, no replies) but that's not fully done.