Theme V3

Theme V3

Over the last few evenings I spent a little bit of time on the CSS for this website, I can't say I was particularly enjoying it though.

Back in October I was ripping out most of that old version of Foundation (which was huge), but it was still a bit of a mess and 8.5 kb of copied minified CSS were left.

So I started from zero and only ported what I needed from my SASS file, then imported those 5 classes I use from Foundation, and I even rewrote most of those. Now I have my own (bad) version of a CSS grid, using display: flex in a parent div. It seems to work well enough though.

Hat tip to enough.css which looks good (and I stole a few bits), but I think it doesn't make sense to use it verbatim if you already have something you like and just redo the styling from scratch. I might actually use it for other projects.

Anyway, everything seems to work and it also looks fine in a very narrow browser window (just with about half the max-width code now), there's only one "bug" I still need to track down, there's always horizontal scrollbar in mobile mode, probably a stray margin or padding - but that's not urgent now.

The landing page is now 5.3 kb of HTML + 4.2 kb of CSS + a 9.6 kb Favicon. Oh well.